Fat Knitting Superhero, disguised as Mild Mannered Yarn Shop Employee.

illusion knitting

illusion knitting by ZaftigWendy
illusion knitting, a photo by ZaftigWendy on Flickr.


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  1. Nancy Yergin said:

    Looked for you when I was visiting San Antonio last month. Sorry I didn’t find you at Yarnivore that day. I still managed to spend over 50 bucks – so not a bad day for anyone.

    I’d love to make those Little Birds. Where do I find the pattern?

    Nancy in NW PA

    • It’s from Linda Permann’s book “Little Crochet.”

      • Nancy Yergin said:

        Thanks – I bought her signed “Crochet Adorned” book while I was at Yarnivore (as well as some Noro yarn) – but as I don’t have small children in my life these days, I didn’t buy “Little Crochet”. I shall have to go to my local library and see if they can borrow it for me.

        Appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

        Nancy in NW PA (where it’s snowing – again)

      • You’re welcome!

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