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Beginning Knitters ROCK!

I have to say that of all the classes I teach, Beginning Knitting is my absolute favorite.  The look on people’s faces when they first knit a whole row is just priceless!  Watching them go from completely awkward yarn handling to knitting with their eyes shut (yes, I do make them do that!) is such joy!  They’re learning to trust themselves, to trust their fingers, to believe that they can make something magical.  It’s awesome.

So, I have a question?  How long have you been knitting (if you knit) or how long have you wanted to learn (if you don’t yet) and what was your favorite ah-ha moment in knitting?


Comments on: "Beginning Knitters ROCK!" (3)

  1. My favourite ah-ha moment was when I discovered I can drop all the stitches I want, and fix the mistake as long as I don’t pull too much on the knitting and have patience to fix it !
    And also when I learned to read my knitting I loved that sensation!!

  2. I think I have a few ah-ha moments! When I learned to read my knitting, knowing what the previous row needed to look like and what the current stitch needed to do in order to continue the pattern (instead of blindly following stitch counts) made a huge difference. Also, when I learned how to fix previous rows, maybe picking up a stitch for a missed YO or even as far as unraveling a few stitches over several rows, without frogging whole rows, I felt really proud too!

  3. I learned to knit when I was about 7, which was a long time ago (forty-mumblemumble years). Lots of aha moments in there. I once sat down with a stitch dictionary and knit a long sampler, with a section from each stitch pattern, which taught me that I could make some amazing fabric with needles and yarn. Another was realizing that using good quality materials was worth it. And swatching is very helpful, including washing and blocking the swatch. I’m always too impatient to start the actual project!

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