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A Sweater Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady named Stacie (Hi, Stacie!). Stacie’s very charming husband gave her a very nice Christmas present – a class from me on knitting raglan sweaters from the top down (my absolute FAVORITE way to make sweaters). Stacie took her new knowledge and, completely on her own, made this absolutely delightful sweater for her own little Princess. Isn’t it the absolute cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Isn't it the cutest thing?

Stacie used what she learned in class, plus neck shaping from Barbara Walker’s book Knitting From the Top, the class textbook, and added her own touches.  My favorite part is the adorable line of elephants marching around the bottom!  You can see Stacie’s notes and a photo of the young Princess wearing it on Ravelry.com by clicking the photo above.

Good work, Stacie!  (I feel a bit like a proud granny – I hope that’s okay!)


Comments on: "A Sweater Fairy Tale" (2)

  1. freeflower75 said:

    Oh Wendy! You make me want to cry. I’m so touched. I only wish I would have taken better pictures! Thank you for your class. You totally demystified top down raglans. I’m always surprised when I hear other people exclaim that they are too afraid or confused to try a raglan (all that shaping!) and if they are local I tell them to take a class from Wendy, she will straighten you out!

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