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I would very much like to thank Dr. Dain Franks at the Texas MedClinic, who I truly believe saved my life.  I encourage all of you to seek medical attention when you have symptoms that don’t make sense.  In my case, it was severe back pain, flu-like joint & muscle aches, fatigue, and fever.  I thought that I had a weird flu that didn’t involve respiratory symptoms.  I wish I had gone to the doctor sooner than I did.  If I’d waited another day or so, I might’ve had to be hospitalized.

Don’t be me.  If you have a fever over 101°F, and you’re older than 20, GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!  Grown-ups don’t get fevers like that, unless they’re seriously ill.

I wish you all a long LONG healthy life full of much yarny joy!

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